Designing games for privacy


Congratulation to Dag, Erlend, and Torjus! Their work during specialisation and master projects has been summarised into an article that has been accepted for publication at
21th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning. The paper will appear in the proceedings of the conference by Springer.

Well done 🙂
Supporting the co-design of games for privacy awareness – Privacy is a well-known concern connected to teenagers ́ usage of e.g., social media, mobile apps, and wearables. However, providing proper learning in this area is challenging. Games have recently been proposed as a tool to in- crease awareness of privacy concerns. It is important that these games are rele- vant and engaging. In this paper, we present a workshop to involve teenagers in the co-design of games to promote privacy awareness, describing the workshop process together with the cards and the board that support the process. We evaluated the workshop together with students between 15-17 years of age divided in groups of 3-4 participants. Results show that all the groups were able to generate interesting game ideas and the workshop was perceived as entertaining.