• Code reuse and formative assessment

    Code reuse and formative assessment

    Congratulations to Niklas Nystad! The paper based on his thesis has been accepted to EDUCON2021 – IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference and presented today. The paper presents an interview study investigating teachers’ attitude and experiences with formative assessment and code reuse in computing education at secondary level.

  • About stepping and stumbling stones

    About stepping and stumbling stones

    Which are, in the experience of secondary school teachers, the elements that promote teaching of programming, i.e., stepping stones, and challenges that might negatively impact their teaching, i.e., stumbling stones? We address this research question in a paper that is just published in the new issue of IxD&A (Interaction Design and Architecture). The paper is open access and can be downloaded here. 

  • In-service teachers training

    Congratulation to Jørgen Thorsnes! The paper based on his master thesis had been accepted at ISSEP2020 – International Conference on Informatics in Schools. The proceedings of the conference are available here. The paper explores the impact of a university-level training program offered to in-service teachers, with a focus on teachers’ self-efficacy in teaching programming. You…

  • ALeRT in ERCIM news

    ALeRT in ERCIM news

    A short description of the ALERT project has been just published in the ERCIM news – Enjoy the reading at https://ercim-news.ercim.eu/en121/r-i/alert-learning-about-privacy-at-the-time-of-data-sharing-everywhere You might also have a look at the project web site where you can get direct access to Conquest of Shareadice (…and do not forget to check out the complete issue, including a special…

  • Participation to NKUL2019

    Participation to NKUL2019

    UMI-Sci-ed, Excited, and TILES have joined forces to present their research results at NKUL, the conference that brings together teachers, school managers, policy makers, and educational technology companies. Thank you to the organizers of the NKUL conference who have given us the possibility to have a stand at the 3-day conference and organize a special…

  • Dr. Mavrommati visiting NTNU

    Dr. Mavrommati visiting NTNU

    In the context of an Erasmus+ agreement with Open Hellenic University we had the pleasure to host Dr. Irene Mavrommati. While visiting NTNU she gave an interesting talk on IoT sensing for STEM Education & environmental awareness, something very relevant for the work we are doing in schools in the context of Excited. It was interesting…

  • Happy to be joining ALL DIGITAL

    Happy to be joining ALL DIGITAL

    Excited has recently joined ALL DIGITAL, a Pan-European association aiming at promoting digital skills. Prof. Divitini attended the ALL DIGITAL general assembly in May and presented Excited as a new member. This follows our involvement in the European project UMI-Sci-Ed and it will give us the possibility to bring forward this work also now that…

  • 2-days Programming workshop at the main library

    2-days Programming workshop at the main library

    Join us for 2-days of creative and engaging activities with programming. Read more and register!

  • User centered design of games for programming

    User centered design of games for programming

    Learning programming with a game? We held a 1-day workshop for six 10th grade students from a local school to investigate what kind of games lower secondary school students enjoy, which elements that work well in a game for learning programming, and get ideas for a game  concept. During the first half of the workshop…

  • Join as in Kyoto for UMIQUE2019

    Join as in Kyoto for UMIQUE2019

    UMI technologies combine Ubiquitous computing, Mobile computing, Internet of Things. They are affecting our personal lives, our professional environments, our social activity, our citizenshipt. Are we ready to exploit the full potential and avoid the risks posed by UMI technologies? How can we prepare the knowledgeable, capable, and consequently, active citizens of tomorrow? What could…

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