IoT in CS education

The results from the working group on Internet of Things (IoT) in CS Education are now available in the ACM Digital Library:

B. Burd, L. Barker, M. Divitini, F. Fermin Perez, I. Russell, B. Siever, L. Tudor.  “Courses, Content, and Tools for Internet of Things in Computer Science Education,” in Proceedings of the 2017 ITiCSE Conference on Working Group Reports  – ITiCSE-WGR ’17, 2017, pp. 125–139.

“…This report considers four major approaches computer science educators are using to integrate IoT concepts and courses into their curricula, summarizes the choices and challenges related to teaching IoT, and describes some tools that allow new IoT teachers to get started…” Enjoy the reading. 
A second working group will be activated at ITiCSE2018. ITiCSE is one of the main international venues to discuss Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education. The new working group will focus on curricular and pedagogical issues. Stay tuned!