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  • IoT in CS education

    IoT in CS education

    The results from the working group on Internet of Things (IoT) in CS Education are now available in the ACM Digital Library: …

  • Finally out!

    Finally out!

    Our paper on RapidIoT is out 🙂 You can find it here RapIoT is a software toolkit that facilitates the prototyping of IoT systems. Our solution abstracts low-level details and communication protocols, allowing developers non-expert in IoT to focus on application logic, facilitating rapid prototyping. RapIoT supports the development of collaborative applications by enabling…

  • Anna Mavroudi attending ECTEL conference in Tallin

    Anna Mavroudi attending ECTEL conference in Tallin

    Anna is presenting the poster with our initial work on career consultancy in STEM education at ECTEL, the European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning. Career consultancy is an important but often downplayed aspect in technology-enhanced learning systems designed for students. In our work we started by identifying career consultancy services for STEM and co-designing services…

  • ALerT, NFR, and youth involvement

    ALerT, NFR, and youth involvement

    NFR (the Norwegian Research Council) is recognizing the importance of involving the youth in shaping future ICT research and innovation. Last year an expert panel involving students from 6 upper secondary schools has given input to NFR in connection to the IKTPLUSS call “Data and services everywhere”. Today, NFR reports on a workshop that was…

  • Here comes the printed version of the SLERD proceedings!

    Here comes the printed version of the SLERD proceedings!

    SLERD, the International conference on Smart Learning Ecosystems and Regional Development, was held at University of Aveiro, Portugal in June. Congratulations to Lisa and Mikael with the publication of their work!

  • Prof. Ramos visiting NTNU

    Prof. Ramos visiting NTNU

    In the context of an Erasmus+ agreement with Aveiro University, Portugal, we are hosting this week Prof. Fernando Ramos, coordinator of DigiMedia.

  • it2901 – successful customer projects

    it2901 – successful customer projects

    Today the students of it2901 presented their final demos. All the groups pitched their idea and then presented a demo of their work. 19 very different projects, all of them in different ways challenging and innovative. Amazing to see what the groups have achieved this semester, their professional attitude and commitment! Thank you for an…

  • Learning from students

    Learning from students

    Today I attended the first IT3010 Students Symposium, the closing event of IT3010, Research-based Innovation Methodologies in Computer and Information Science. The course IT3010 is coordinated by  Babak Farshchian and Elena Parmiggiani (in the photo) who have really gone an extra mile to create an engaging experience leading to excellent learning outcomes. The main objective of the course is to…

  • Daniel Satcher on Enabling IoT Development

    Daniel Satcher on Enabling IoT Development

    Enabling Internet of Things (IoT) development for non-experts and end-users is the impetus behind Daniel Satcher’s research. This effort is part of a series of projects involving TILES, an IoT toolkit that provides a common set of hardware components, application infrastructures, and interaction primitives (how users tangibly interact with the TILES hardware) in order to…

  • Sarah Serussi about girls and programming

    Sarah Serussi about girls and programming

    Sarah Serussi is writing her specialization project about girls’ views on programming and technology. Through Kahoots, interviews and questionnaires she is hoping to find some reasons as to why programming as a subject is generally less appealing to girls versus boys.In 2008 the percentage of female applicants to the Computer Science master’s degree programme at NTNU…